Admission Into 3-Yr. Degree Course For 2016-2019 

B.A./B.Sc. (Honours & General)

a) The candidates who have passed 10+2 level examination in 2014, 2015 and 2016 are only eligible for admission into 1st year Degree course for the session 2016-17.

b) Candidates passing H.S. or equivalent Examination from any recognized Board/ Council with five subjects of 100 marks each including at least one language subject (either English or Bengali) are only eligible to apply.

c) Any confusion regarding recognition of Board/ Council will be referred to the S.K.B. University seeking opinion from their end before admission.

d) Candidates, in order to be eligible to apply for admission into BA/B.Sc. Honours course, will have to secure at least 45% marks in aggregate at the 10+2 level, along with the minimum marks in the concerned Honours Subject at the +2 Level as specified below :

(i)  Geography – 65%
(ii) English – 65%
(iii)  Bengali – 60%
(iv)  Sanskrit – 50%
(v) History – 50%
(vi)  Philosophy – 65%
(vii)  Political Science – 45% in aggregate with Political Science as a combination Subject
(viii)  Economics – 45% in aggregate (Mathematics combination at the +2 level will be given preference)
(ix)  Music – 45% in aggregate from any stream
(x) Mathematics – 65%
(xi) Physics – 60% (in theory) with 50% marks in Mathematics
(xii) Chemistry – 60% (in theory) with 30% marks in practical
(xiii)  Botany – 55% in aggregate with Bio-Science as combination subject
(xiv)  Nutrition & Environmental Science – 45% in aggregate with Chemistry Combination
(xv) Zoology – 60% in theory
(xvi) Education – 45% in aggregate from any stream
(xvii) Computer Sc. – 45% in aggregate in Science stream with 50% marks in Mathematics.

e) For admission into B.A. General Course – H.S. or equivalent in any stream.

f) For admission into B.Sc. (Pure) & B.Sc. (Bio) General Course – H.S. / equivalent in science.

Important Notes 

a) Environmental Education (ENVE) will not be considered while calculating aggregate.

b) CBSE / ISC students (excluding Eng. Hons.) will first be offered English as Pass subject.

c) For Geography Hons. students, Economics Pass is compulsory if they had it at H.S. level.

d) Students passing 10+2 vocational courses are only eligible to take admission in the degree General Course as per the guidelines of SKB University, Purulia and such cases will not exceed 10% of the total intake capacity of the college. A candidate passing Engineering and Technology (VOC) with Mathematics is eligible to apply for Computer Science Hons.

e) Students willing to take Environmental Science, Nutrition & Computer Science Honours must have Science background at the +2 level.

f) Candidates failing to fill up form for Part-I Examination in the previous year have to apply afresh for admission in the 1st year class, if found eligible otherwise.