This is the only department of performing Arts in the entire district. It plays a major role not only in the Cultural Programmes of the college, but in the wider cultural sphere of the district. It is a dependable part of several Government and non-government programmes.


S.No. Teacher Designation/Spl. Paper
 1.       Dr. Suparna Chatterjee
(M.A., Ph.D. – Rabindra Sangeet)
Assistant Professor
 2.       Smt. Papiya Sarkar (M.A., Rabindra Sangeet) P.T.T.
 3.       Smt. Suvra Goswami (M.A. Rabindra Sangeet) P.T.T.
 4.       Smt. Soma Maitra (M.A., Classical Vocal) P.T.T.
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