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It is not merely to talk about an institution of higher education. It is about 60 years of glorious tradition and history. I take a special pleasure from this chair as I survey the green, pristine ground of Nistarini College, and try to assess what this great institution has been able to achieve so far, and is capable of achieving in the years to come. Situated far away from the madding crowd, it yet combines in its essence the breadth and vision of the city; though steeped in a rich heritage, it yet reaches out to whatever is modern and progressive.

The girls who enter its portals, move out after three years as responsible, socially conscious women, capable of handling both home and work with equal aplomb. All the members of the teaching and non-teaching staff here are intensely careful about both the academic results (which will speak for itself) and the all-round development of our students.

So, we welcome all to the Nistarini College family, and may our relationship be long and fruitful.

Dr Indrani Deb