Stipend, Scholarship And Awards

A large number of students belonging to S.C., S.T. & P.W.D. categories are awarded stipends and scholarships by the Government as per norm. A good number of general students are awarded D.P.I. scholarships on the basis of their performance in the last public Examinations. Students Aid Fund also comes to the aid of the needy students. “Gita Ray Educational Trust Fund” founded by Mr. Milan Ray provides scholarships to the meritorious and needy students of the college from Purulia District (two of each year) in under-graduate as well as Post Graduate level. Dr. Robert Meagher and Ms. Elizabeth Neave, USA, also provide full scholarships to needy students every year – one specifically to an ST student. Meritorious students of this college belonging to the economically backward families may enjoy Full free or Half free studentship. 10% of the students may be considered for this facility. However, students with low attendance or unsuccessful students will not be eligible for this facility.

Apart from these, Sri Suman Kr. Das has donated Rs. 30,000/- in the name of his father Sri Saibal Das, for the development of the college and welfare of the students.

WBCUTA Poor Fund

The primary unit of WBCUTA of our college has been generating a fund to offer financial help to the poor & meritorious students of our college. Poor students can apply to avail themselves of it through proper channel.

Awards & Sponsored Funds



Snehalata Bhattacharya Prize


Prof. Binayak Bhattacharya in memory of his mother.


Those attaining highest marks in Philosophy Hons., English Hons. and Sanskrit Hons. in the University exams.




Annapurna Banerjee Prize


Sri Nirmalendu Banerjee in memory of his mother.


Those attaining highest marks in Bengali and Maths Hons. and in Sanskrit (Pass) in the Univ. exams.




Dr. Anadibhusan Roy Prize


Smt. Aparna Ray, in memory of her husband.


The three best NSS workers every year.




Indrani Sinha Roy Prize


Sri Sudip Sinha Roy, in memory of his mother.


Those attaining highest marks in the Biological Sciences.




Swami Vivekanand Chicago address Memorial Prize


Dr. Kiriti Bhusan Sinha


Those attaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the cultural competitions.




The Search for Excellence Prize


Dr. Kiriti Bhusan Sinha, in memory of his father, Sri Madhab Ch. Singha


Those attaining highest marks in  Maths Hons. and Pass in the Univ. exams.




Jagattarini Trust


Sri Prabir Banerjee


Those attaining highest marks in each of the Hons. subjects in Arts stream.




Mira Devi Memorial Prize


Sri S. Guha in memory of his wife.


Those attaining highest marks in Philosophy (Hons.) in the Univ. exams.




Shanta Memorial Prize


Prof. Juthika Chatterjee


Those attaining 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions in the Annual Dance Competitons.




Kironbala Devi Memorial Prize


Sri Sachindranath Misra


Those attaining highest marks in Music Pass in the Univ. exams.




Sikha Rani Bauri Prize


Dr. B. B. Bauri, in memory of his wife.


Those attaining highest marks in Eng. (Hons.) in the Univ. exams.




Late Apurbananda Dasgupta & Geeta Devi Memorial Prize


Dr. Probodhananda Dasgupta, in memory of his parents.


Highest marks in Hons. & Gen. in Physical Education.




Smt. Manju Mukhopadhyay Memorial Prize


Smt. Bani Mukhopadhyay. in memory of her mother.


Those attaining highest Marks in Political Science (Honours).