The Department has been consistently following a modernized method of teaching, with national and international seminars, workshops, play-reading and play-acting sessions, and audio-visual techniques, over and above class room teaching. It also has the unique distinction of publishing an internationally reputed literary journal, “Heteroglossia”.


The Principal Personally supervises this Department.


S.No. Teacher Designation/Spl. Paper
 1.  Prof. Krishnapada Mandal
(M.A., Literary Theory and post 50s British Literature)
 Asstt. Professor
 2.  Prof. Sharmistha Karmakar,
M.A. (Literary Theory and old and Middle English Literature)
 Asstt. Professor
3. Prof. Indrajit Mukherjee,
M.A. (Postcolonial Literatures)
Asstt. Professor
 4.  Smt. Gargi Roy (M.A., Linguistics) (SACT)
 5.  Dr. Chhandam Deb Visiting Professor
 6.  Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ganguly  Visiting Professor