The earliest department in the entire district to begin an Honours course. It is culturally very rich, and provides facilities for academic enrichment and research. At present, the department is working on two UGC research projects.

S.No. Teacher Designation/Spl. Paper
1.  Dr. Prabir Sarkar (M.A., Ph.D. – Tagore)  Associate Professor
2.  Prof. Chirasri Siddhanta (M.A., Folk literature)  Associate Professor
3.  Prof. Uma Chakraborty (M.A.- Sahitya Angik)  Associate Professor
4.  Dr. Ushapati Biswas (M.A., Ph.D. – Drama)  Associate Professor
5. Mr. Biswanath Kuiri (M.A. Folk Arts) SACT
6. Dr. Sangram Mahato (M.A. Folk Arts) SACT
7. Miss Jaya Dhibar (Guest teacher)