Mr. K.P. Singh Deo, Hon’ble Chairmen, Purulia Municipality & President, Governing Body, Nistarini College

It is my greatest pleasure to be able to stand at the helm of the highest administrative body of Nistarini College, the only women’s college in Purulia District, and one of the oldest colleges in the entire western region of this state. It is an institution dedicated to the ideals of those great freedom fighters whose initiatives had led to the opening of this college, and I myself can vouch for the keen sense of social and educational responsibility that guides the Principal and the staff in their mission. To be able to study in Nistarini College is a matter of ambition for freshers, and a matter of pride for graduates. This college, situated in one of the most underdeveloped areas of the country, constantly strives to improve the conditions of the women of the district with dedication and well-planned programmes. It has, moreover, made a place for itself in both national and international circles, as the records of the last ten years will show. Think globally, act locally – that seems to be our motto here.

All my best wishes and co-operation for the students who plan to be a part of this great institution.