The result of this department have been very inspiring, and this has been effected by sincere guidance and well-equipped laboratory. A well-maintained botanical garden with medicinal plants caters to the academic necessities of the students. Regular educational tours are also arranged. This department is also working on a UGC Project at present.

S.No.   Teacher   Designation/Spl. Paper
 1.          Prof. N.D. Sannigrahi (M.Sc.Taxonomy & Ecology)     Associate Professor 
 2.          Smt. Lakshmisree Haldar
      (M.Sc., Cell Biology & Genetics) 
 3.          Sri Shrumit Saha    Guest Lecturer  
 4.          Sri Arup Kr. Mandal    Guest Lecturer  
 3.          Moumita De    Guest Lecturer  
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