This department constantly tries to keep pace with the fast-changing world market economy. It is at present working on a UGC-sponsored research project. It organizes UGC seminars whenever possible.


S.No. Teacher Designation/Spl. Paper
 1.       Prof. C.S. Hazra
(M.Sc., M.Phil – Econometrics & Statistics)
 Associate Professor
 2.       Sri Arup Chattaraj (M.A., Money Banking) P.T.T.
 3.       Sri Mrinmoy Kr. Paul (M. Sc., Econometrics) P.T.T.
 4.       Sri Ashish Mukherjee (M.Sc., Econometrics) P.T.T.
 5.       Sri Pijush Mukherjee Guest Lecturer
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